Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Mr Brace - Head of Year 11

As I begin with my fourth year as Head of Year 11, I still have the same motivations as my first year, to guide students to a positive experience of school, to support students through exams with the best preparation possible while helping to guide them onto the paths they want to take in the future.  It has always been the highlight of my role to see former students and hear how they are enjoying what they are doing, achieving, and knowing what their futures are looking like. To be able to give students the chance to see that with hard work and focus they can give themselves options for positive and happy futures is joyous.

Myself and the Year 11 tutor team give guidance, support, and motivation in every tutor period to point the students in the right direction each day. The time we spend with our year group is to support every individual with making correct decisions daily, as they are now becoming young adults who must make their own decisions. It is always interesting to see what ambitions the students have, whether a student knows exactly what they want to do or needs support. Guiding our students and being able to play a part in influencing their outcomes, even in a small way is why I believe this role is one of the most important.

I expect all Year 11 students to be the best they can be. To take every opportunity provided for them to grow as young adults, to work hard and to develop into well rounded and responsible citizens.