Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Leadership

At OAI, we strongly believe that everyone here has a vital part to play in the running of the Academy. In particular, our students’ involvement, ideas and opinions are key to the structure of Academy Life. There are a number of ways they can express their student voice:

  1. By becoming a member of the Prefect Team.

  2. By becoming a member of their Student Academy Council.

  3. By becoming part of any one of the different committee groups who help organise various calendar events throughout the academic year.

Our Prefect Team

We have a fantastic group of students who make up our Prefect Team, below.

Senior Prefect Team

Head Boy: Callum Marriott

Head Girl: Molly Appleyard

Deputy Head Boy: Joe Masterton

Deputy Head Girl: Shantell Dickinson


Carter Pickard

Kiera Smith

Blake Johnson

Liam Peasley

Regan Meenaghan

Harleigh Gillings

Bobbie Parker

Jack Sate