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KS4 Knowledge Organisers

The subject directory below contains all of the knowledge organisers you have been using in your lessons. For homework you need to focus on learning as much knowledge as possible over time to guarantee success in your GCSEs.

GCSE Creative Media

Contemporary Media Theorists - Knowledge Mat
Knowledge Organiser - LO1 - Mind Maps
Knowledge Organiser - LO1 - Mood Boards
Knowledge Organiser - LO1 - Scripts
Knowledge Organiser - LO1 - Storyboards
Knowledge Organiser - LO1 - Visualisation Diagrams
Media GCSE - Audience - GraspIt
Media GCSE - Audience - KnowIt
Media GCSE - Audience - ThinkIt
Media GCSE - Representation GraspIt
Media GCSE - Representation KnowIt
Media GCSE - Representation ThinkIt
Media GCSE Industries - GraspIt
Media GCSE Industries - KnowIt
Media GCSE Industries - ThinkIt
Media GCSE Key Concept - Genre - GraspIt
Media GCSE Key Concept - Genre - KnowIt
Media GCSE Key Concept - Genre - ThinkIt
Media GCSE Key Concept - Narrative - GraspIt
Media GCSE Key Concept - Narrative - KnowIt
Media GCSE Key Concept - Narrative - ThinkIt
Media Studies IT Template


KO Health and Safety
Properties of Metals
Y10 Engineering KO - Materials
Y10 Engineering KO
Y11 Engineering KO - Booklets
Y11 Engineering KO - Upcycling and Sustainability

GCSE English

Blood Brothers Knowledge Organiser
New KO A Christmas Carol - Lit P1
New KO Conflict Poetry - Lit P2
New KO Inspector Calls - Lit P2
New KO Love and Relationships Poetry - Lit P2
New KO Reading Prose - LP1
New KO Reading Prose - LP2
New KO Romeo & Juliet - Lit P1
New KO Unseen Poetry - Lit P2
New KO Writing Non-Fiction - LP2
New KO Writing Prose - LP1


AO1 & 2 Knowledge Organisers
AO3 Knowledge Organisers
AO4 GCSE Knowledge Organisers
AO4 Knowledge Organisers
Note Making in Art Knowlwdge Organisers
Note Making in Art Knowlwdge Organisers (Reverse)

BTEC Drama

BTEC-Component-1-KO Drama
Y11 Cycle One Knowledge Navigator Drama


GCSE French

MFL French IT Template
MFL French Theme 1A - ThinkIt
MFL French Theme 1B - ThinkIt
MFL French Theme 1C - ThinkIt
MFL French Theme 1D - ThinkIt
French - 1E Identity and Culture - Free Time Thinkit
French - 1F Identity and Culture - Food Thinkit
French - 1G Identity and Culture - Festivals and Customs Thinkit
French - 2A Areas of Interest - Where You Live ThinkIt
French - 2B Areas of Interest - Places in Town ThinkIt
French - 2C Areas of Interest - Describing Your House ThinkIt
French - 2D Areas of Interest - Furniture and Household Chores ThinkIt
French - 2E Areas of Interest - Locations Thinkit
French - 2F Areas of Interest - Holidays ThinkIt
French - 2G Areas of Interest - Holidays Thinkit
French - 2H Areas of Interest - Environmental Problems and Solutions Thinkit
French - 2I Areas of Interest - Homelessness and Poverty Thinkit
French - 2J Areas of Interest - Charity and Voluntary Work Thinkit
GCSE French Revision Knowledge Organisers
Year 11 Knowledge Organsiers

GCSE Geography

Urban Challenges

GCSE History

American West
Crime and Punishment (SB)
Weimar and Nazi Germany

GCSE Maths

Foundation KS4
Higher KS4

GCSE Science

1. Cell Biology
2. Organisation
3. Infection and Response
4. Bioenergetics
5. Homeostasis
6. Inheritance and Variation

1. Energy
2. Electricity
3. Particle Model of Matter
4. Atomic Structure
5. Forces
6. Waves
7. Magnestism and Electromagnetism
8. Space (Triple Only)

1. Periodic Table and Atoms
2. Bonding
3. Quantitative Chemistry
4. Chemical Changes
5. Energy Changes
6. Rate of Reactions
7. Organic Chemistry
8. Chemical Analysis
9. Chemistry of the Atmosphere
10. Using Resources