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Remote Learning

Important Information

  • Work for the week needs to completed by Friday 1:00 pm so that it can be assessed/checked by teachers.
  • Email tasks may require you to send an email to your teacher and attach the document (or share the file from OneDrive, Word etc).
  • To access Office.com you will need to use FORNAME.SURNAME@oasisimmingham.org (may require your number after the surname e.g. 17). 
    • Password will be the one you sign into the academy Network with.
  • Students logged into Office.com can use Microsoft Teams to speak to staff and classmates for support 
  • If students forget Seneca login details you can create a new account and use the links below to join groups OR reset the password and it will send the details to your Oasis email accounts.
  • If students are having Educake issues please contact Mr Eversley to reset.
  • There may be times of the day when online services such as Hegarty Maths are in high demand and might not work correctly. We advise focus on something else until the demand for the service reduces.

IT Support

If you are having Microsoft password issues then please contact servicedesk@oasisuk.org either or  02079214330.

Microsoft Office

Access to all of you Office 365 tools and software download.

Office 365 Update - News - Hwb

Microsoft Teams

If you need support you can leave messages in the Teams channels for your groups. Teachers will be able to respond to this and help you with remote learning

Introducing a free version of Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Tech ...

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