Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Literacy and Numeracy


Good literacy and numeracy skills are essential to enable students to fully access all the curriculum, reach their full potential and be successful in life. Extending, developing and improving students' literacy and numeracy skills are key focus areas for the Academy.

For students who find literacy slightly more challenging, there are a range of different activities developed to help improve a student’s understanding and love of literacy. These include:

  • In-class support from a specialist Teaching Assistant (TA)
  • Small group intervention and differentiated learning within class
  • Accessible resources for intervention
  • Additional support with resources from outside agencies

All students in Years 7-9 have an oracy / literacy lesson, having one curriculum lesson following this scheme.

All students read regularly during the 25 minute Tutor session devoted to this.

We also offer the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular reading clubs, literacy competitions and library activities which promote literacy.

All of these programmes of course support outstanding quality first teaching taking place in the classroom, which aims to ensure that all students progress in-line with and above their predicted targets.


Numeracy across the curriculum has three priorities:

  • to improve accuracy, particularly in calculation, measurement and graphical work;
  • to improve interpretation and presentation of graphs, charts and diagrams;
  • to improve reasoning and problem solving

We use a variety of resources to help students achieve a high level of numeracy.