Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Learning Pathways 2020

Phase 1 - Our Offer and Resources

When our students begin Year 10, they embark on a very important phase of their education, namely the two years to GCSE (Key Stage 4). The pathway resources below will give you an overview of the Key Stage 4 curriculum and details about the individual subjects that students can study.

This page will hopefully give you more information as a replacement to the pathways evening we would have held in the academy to see you face to face. With the videos below hopefully, you will get the best experience we can offer you as we are unable to see you 1:1. 

The majority of the time for a Key Stage 4 student is spent on the Core Curriculum. It includes English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and Humanities. Some students may also have a modern foreign language as a compulsory subject. Many of the subjects continue from Key Stage 3, but some new subjects such as Creative Media, Health & Social Care, Engineering, Sport Science and Citizenship also become available.

To best support, our students, achieve their full academic potential we have developed a pathway system and have delivered various activities on Microsoft Teams to allow students the opportunity to try different tasks. These activities combined with the supportive videos below should enable all students to make well-informed choices once we open the pathway process to students.


Phase 2 - Electronic Preferences and Ranking

Phase 2 will involve students logging in to our system and making preferences for the subjects they would like to take up in September. We will be asking students to put subjects in rank order for their preferences as it is not always possible to award the 1st choice due to class sizes becoming too large or if we are unable to run a subject due to low numbers. We always try our best to balance and distribute everyone fairly whilst always considering educational needs and prior performance to support the process.

Phase 2 will begin in a weeks time and we will use Microsoft Teams to share this information with students and send the link to rank order the subjects of their choice. Students will have between 1 and 3 subject blocks to put into rank order. Students can drag and drop OR use the arrows to move subjects up and down before submitting their choices.

Below are two examples of student rankings, one in a web browser and the other a mobile device (subjects in each block are subject to change to meet demand and below are examples of grouped subjects).

Website version

Mobile version

Weekly Structure

Core Subjects Hours per week
English Language/Literature
4 periods p/wk.
4 periods p/wk.
Combined Science
4 periods p/wk.
Physical Education (non-certificated)
1 periods p/wk.

Subject to change.

Pathways Hours per week
Pathway A
3 periods p/wk.
Pathway B 
3 periods p/wk.
Pathway C
3 periods p/wk.
Humanities Pathway (Made in Y8)
3 periods p/wk.

Subject to change.

Pathway Videos

Health and Social
Sports Science
Creative Media
WJEC Music
Engineering Options Video
Art and Design
Hospitality & Catering
Religious Studies
Performing Arts

Q&A from Parents (updated as we get questions through email)